About Us

Published in German and currently in its sixth volume, the geographische revue, subtitled ‘a journal for literature and debate’, sees itself as a review journal for geographical work. Under review are important and interesting new academic and applied publications from geography as well as its neighbouring disciplines such as sociology and other social sciences, regional and town planning etc. In addition to detailed review essays, shorter reviews, comments and book alerts are also published. The consideration and inclusion of non-German publications plays an important role.

A key aspect of the geographische revue rests on its role as a forum for debate. It is therefore that academic discussions and critique should take an assigned place within the journal. In addition to the biannual publication of the journal in print, the geographische revue also possesses an internet forum to facilitate such debates.


As currently no German-speaking geographical review journal exists, and reviews as well as sustained and critical academic debates are only given little space and attention, our journal fills a sensitive gap among existing publications. The geographische revue does not regard itself in competition to other existing academic journals but as an innovation, which in this form does not currently exist among German-speaking geographical journals.

The journal’s main task rests on the advancement of methodological and theoretical reflection within Geography and on contributing to the improvement of critical debates within the discipline. The editors of the journal agree that an intended openness and the provision of a discursive platform (independent of value interests, fashionable orthodoxies or disciplinary cliques) present an important foundation for academic advancement and development.

This is largely to be achieved in three ways:

  • Essays and reports on current academic debates should also include unorthodox and controversial perspectives on recent developments in selected fields of study.
  • Extensive reviews essays and commentaries should examine one or several publications in the light of their contribution to the advancement in the field, present a grounded critique as well as to offer views on future developments.
  • Through its website (www.geographische-revue.de), the journal not only offers selected parts for free download but also provides further information, articles and commentaries. Above all, this public forum provides the opportunity to respond immediately to current articles and thus to advance existing debates. The forum also offers readers the opportunity to present their own contributions as well as to comment on existing articles, without having to go through the editorial process. With such an open approach to editorship, the geographische revue wants to encourage the engagement between contributors, readers and a wider public.